What is Camp iCare?

Does your child think money “grows on trees?” Do you find yourself wondering how to teach your child about the value of money? Does your child care about people and wants to make the world a better place? Is your child aware that they can make a HUGE difference in the lives of others at a young age? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and you have a child between the ages of 6 and 12 then Camp iCare is for you!

Who should attend?

Camp iCare is a summer camp experience for kids ages 6 – 12. At Camp iCare, financial and philanthropic responsibility are taught through engaging and informative courses, activities, and field trip experiences. During this information-packed camp, students will become more in-tuned about being money smart and philanthropically engaged.

How does Camp iCare work?

Camp iCare is a four-day, morning summer camp for students ages 6 – 12. (Students must have completed Kindergarten.) During Camp iCare, campers will participate in dynamic, hands-on learning, and service oriented activities. The topics that are covered will include: wants vs. needs; leadership; and giving (time, talent, treasure, and trust).

How will Camp iCare help my child succeed in the future?

Camp iCare is designed to foster children’s imaginations, develop leadership, encourage compassion, and highlight the need for children to be money smart while helping others. After participating in Camp iCare, your child will feel empowered and encouraged to make a difference in the world.


What is the cost and how do I register my child?

The tuition for Camp iCare is $160 per camper registered. Campers registering before May 1, 2017 will recievee a 25% off for the "early bird" discount. Camper registration is on a first come-first serve basis and will be accepted until Jube 9, 2017. There are a limited number of places for Camp iCare so we encourage you to register early.

What is included in the camp fee?

  • All materials and take aways for all courses/activities
  • Instructors or counselors for each course/activity
  • An exciting activity each day
  • A charity service learning field trip to a local nonprofit organization
  • All snacks (morning snack breaks are provided)
  • Special Camp iCare T-shirt
  • Certificate of achievement (and a great photo opportunity at the closing ceremony!)

Contact us:

For more information, please contact the Camp iCare office at 334-844-3506 or CampiCare@auburn.edu. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram